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RE-OPEN after one year
Author: Devy Date: 23.6.2016

L2 Stars High Five 20x

RE-OPENING after one year

September 2016

Hello! L2 Stars proudly presents you after one year re-open Lineage II High Five game server 20x. We have perfect custom setting of server and facilitate for players, that they might not make too long quests like Freya, Nobless and others. Olympiad Heroes are every 14 days! Valakas, Antharas, Baium spawn is every 5-6 days and few random hours. Grand Boss zones are PvP. Player can create Shop with his enchant buffs. Raid Bosses lvl greater than 74 drops Mouse Coins. More information about server configuration here

Author: Devy Date: 2.10.2015

L2 Stars High Five 20x September 2015

SERVER is LIVE from 2.10.2015 18:00 GMT+2

Benefits for each new player and clan
- Premium character for every new player - 1 day free (2x rate XP,SP,Spoil,Drop,Adena)
* edit: Every new player gets 20FA to obtain Premium Account - NPC name Sheela in Giran

- Clan event - every clan with 15ppl online may receive 25k reputaion points and clan lvl 5
- Clan event - clan leader name and clan name write here

- Changelog for server L2 Stars High Five 20x is here

Information about Bosses and Grand Bosses
Author: Devy Date: 7.9.2015

* Baium
* Valakas
* Antharas
spawn every 5 days +   2 hours random
spawn every 6 days + 12 hours random
spawn every 6 days + 12 hours random
* Stats of Grand Bosses are modified and reduced!
* Drop of Tiat and Freya ( Freya Hard ) was increased.
* Freya and Hard Freya without Quest.
* Mouse Coins from Raid Bosses lvl bigger than 74.
* More information about server settings is here